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Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 37

Let me start by apologizing for any confusion, which will make sense as you read further.

Lions, Tigers, and Wolves are meeting Wednesday the 10th at 530p at Owego Police for a tour with Officer Woodburn. Wolves are not required but will help to fulfil Council Fire requirements.

Bears and Webelos 1 are meeting at Owego Fire training center for first aid training also on Wednesday the 10th at 530p.

Webelos 2 or Arrow of Light will be meeting at Owego LDS Church on the south side, Wednesday the 10th at 700pm.

Again, sorry for the confusion.

Lions (K)
Tigers (1st)
Wolves (2nd)
Bears (3rd)
Webelos (4th)
Arrow of Light/Webelos 2 (5th)

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