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Scouting for Food 2018

Good day, scouting for food is coming up sooner than you’d think.

This years route should be much improved over last year and we’ll be starting at Hyde Park and hitting the roads; Talcott, Adaline, Gere, West, and George. Refer to the attached map for exact route.

We plan on meeting in the parking lot to the south side of Hyde Park at 11:00am on November 10th to start pickup with a midpoint collection at what used to be Thompson’s Grocery.

All the collected non-perishables will be donated to a local food pantry and will help to feed those in need just in time for the upcoming holiday.

Scouts will learn the importance of community involvement and civic engagement. We ask that you please have your full uniforms on while we do collections. Collections shouldn’t take any more than 1 hour, we will estimate our collections and distribute.

Lastly, this time volunteering in our community helps in reaching our targets for overall pack participation and volunteer hours, so, if you are able, please make an effort to attend.

We will be splitting into 2 groups, a green group and a blue group to cover more ground, we will determine assignments of groups before we start so we have a good mix of larger scouts and smaller scouts in both groups.

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