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Scout Spirit and Recruitment at Owego Elementary

Thursday, October 4th, is our annual recruitment at Owego Elementary, from 5:30p-7:30p. As a show of spirit for Scouting we would like to ask that you wear your uniform to school this day. OES leadership has signed off with an okay to do so. If someone asks why you’re in uniform be sure to tell them about our recruitment efforts that night!

This will give our pack some much needed attention from fellow classmates and assist us in signing up some new scouts. As a further incentive any new children that sign-up will receive an Estes Rocket, if one of our current scouts suggested they sign-up they too will receive an Estes Rocket! (Launch pad not included)

As a reminder, if you get a friend to sign-up you will receive a recruiter patch for your uniform! It’s one of the ways we go out to show additional thanks to the boys that go above and beyond in the name of scouting.


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