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Popcorn Show and Sell Time!

Woo! It’s that time of year again to do our annual fundraising. We have a new Popcorn Kernel (Ms Amanda Fox) who has spearheaded popcorn sales and is doing an excellent job. Currently we have several opportunities to get out there and sell some popcorn. Please take a moment to look over the new sign-up sheets which will be updated as we add show and sells or stop by the calendar to get a feel for when things are happening.

Remember that all sales at show and sells will be divided up and will add to your final total at the end of the sales period. So if you need just that little bit more to qualify for that awesome Lego set this might just put you over the top. Additionally sales at $600 or greater will get your parents $50 off registration for Day Camp 2018 which we’ll start planning soon!

If you have any questions or concerns you can email Cubmaster Rob or Asst Cubmaster Travis or any popcorn related information can be asked of Kernel Amanda.

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