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Pack News for November 2018

Please read the following, I’m sorry it’s a wall of text but there’s a bunch to go over.

Upcoming Events

All scout events will require full uniforming and will be rain or shine.

  1. Saturday, November 3rd at 11am we will be dropping off the door hangers for Scouting for Food, Webelos 2 need to report at 11am meet at Hyde Park near Talcott St, all others groups are not required, more details can be found here.
  2. Also Saturday, November 3rd, at 2pm we will be having a flag retirement ceremony located at 287 Park Settlement Road. More details can be found here.
  3. November 5th at 6pm, we will be having our monthly committee meeting, any parents are welcome to attend. All leaders should be attending. We’re going to try to make it short and sweet.
  4. Saturday, November 10th, at 11am we will be doing Scouting for Food collections, meeting at Hyde Park at 11am, all groups should attend, more details here.

Dues and Rechartering

  • Any outstanding dues must to be paid no later than Friday, November 16th.
    Checks are made payable to “Pack 37” and given to your den leader or by credit at our Square Store, if you are in need of financial assistance or have any concerns contact us at as soon as possible, we can work something out.
  • Rechartering is done yearly in November and is the single largest cost of running the pack, rechartering consists of annual membership fees for all adults and children which covers us from Jan1 to Dec 31 of that year. Part of what the fees cover is our insurance for the year to cover for any scoutings we do.
  • Lastly, if your child or yourself has no interest in continuing scouting please make us aware so we can remove them from our roster and you from the email chain.

Volunteers Needed

  • Currently we are looking for someone to volunteer as an Assistant Cubmaster which would ideally be looking to assist with running the pack.

There are going to be some very important positions that need to be filled soon.

  1. Karen Harman will be stepping down as Committee Chair at the end of June 2019 which is a mandatory position.
  2. Travis Morato will be stepping down as Cubmaster no later than the end of June 2020 which is a mandatory position.
  3. Joe Saunders, will likely be stepping down as Treasurer in June 2020, which is also a mandatory position.
  4. Lion Den Guides will also be needed starting in August of 2019 for the 2019-2020 scouting year.
  5. Popcorn Kernel will also be needed for the 2019-2020 scouting year.

I know it seems like this is light-years away but time passes faster than you’d think, without the mandatory positions being filled the pack will essentially dissolve.

So if you or someone you know might be interested in filling these roles going forward please reach out now so there is a clear plan of succession.

Again, goes to the leaders in the pack, so please, go ahead and reach out if you have any questions, concerns, stories, life lessons, like a color other than blue, or would like to donate some of your time.

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