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Pack News for December 2018

Wow, what a month!

First I would like to welcome all our new families from Tioga Center, Nichols, Candor, and various other areas!

November highlights

  • O Tannenbaum Ornaments – in late October/early November our scouts got to decorate ornaments intended to go on a donation tree at the Tioga Historical Society, on Thursday 11/8 our Arrow of Light scouts spent some time actually decorating the tree and it turned out fantastic.
  • Scouting for food – we had a total of 31 hours of community service logged and collected around 200lbs of food for the Owego Nazarene Church food pantry. All our scouts braved the rain and snow to get the job done, we are very proud of our scouts that participated.
  • Flag retirement – finally got done with Mr. Josh Fahey who is now a fully fledged Eagle Scout, congrats Josh. Our scouts got to see and participate in the Flag Ceremony on November 13th which fulfills requirements for them.
  • Popcorn – has arrived and mostly distributed, please get in touch with Mr. Ralph Trenchard to arrange pickup if you have not already.

Events for December

  • Tioga County Historical Society – O Tannenbaum on December 8th, 11am, we will be going to the Museum to see all the trees, typically Santa is on site taking requests and there are some other activities for children, it’s a good time and the scouts will have an opportunity to see the work they put into their ornaments in action.
  • Committee Meeting – is December 10th at 6pm at St. Paul’s, all are welcome to attend.

Other Pack News

  • Recruitment – in the month of November we picked up 22 new scouts from Tioga Center area since the closer of Pack 36 they have been displaced. We are happy that they have found a home in Pack 37.
  • Requirements – some scouts may be a little behind if they’ve missed a meeting or two. Families can complete any missed requirements at home, just follow-up with your den leaders to see what was missed and get credit for anything you’ve completed.
  • Rechartering – has been completed by Mrs. Karen Watkins and we’re all set for another year of scouting.
  • Pinewood Derby – is coming up in January, it might have to be pushed off to February but we’ll keep you posted as we know more. Since we’ve picked up so many new scouts our cars will be free this year but have not arrived yet, when they do an email will be sent out.
  • Dues – In an effort for transparency I’d also like to show where your dues go.
    • $33 to Council for scout registration, including adults.
    • $18 for your yearly book.
    • $6 for your slide.
    • $10 for your necker.
    • or $67 per scout and $33 per adult leader, this leaves us with $8 for program per scout which isn’t a whole lot but it’s doable.
  • Volunteers – are still needed, Committee Chair and Cubmaster. Treasurer soon, we also need to pickup a female leader for our Wolves den to help cover meetings.


Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now, hope you have a great month in scouting!


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