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Frequently Asked Questions

How’s all this work?

Well, it’s kind of a broad question but the very basics are to get your youth application filled out, get dues paid, and start attending meetings. Applications can be filled in paper form or on┬áJust search for us by zip code and start the process.

What group will my child be in?

Our dens are broken up into groups by grade level as follows;

  • Kindergarten = Lions
  • 1st Grade = Tigers
  • 2nd Grade = Wolves
  • 3rd Grade = Bears
  • 4th Grade = Webelos
  • 5th Grade = Arrow of Light

Well that’s great but what do you do?

What we offer is a program that’s been specifically designed to allow our children to exceed and develop leadership. Through hands on experiences we teach them self reliance, determination, and personal health. As groups we teach scouts leadership and understanding. We instill into our scouts a sense of belonging, a sense of morals, and a sense of community. Through the hands on experiences that Cub Scouting provides we aim to start shaping our children to be the best they can be, now, and in the future. So, what we do is put our children first to put our futures first and we do it with activities, trips, camp-outs, jokes, skits, and songs, most importantly we “Do Our Best.”


Dues in our pack include the cost of registration through council, your yearly book, neckerchief and slide. Dues also help the pack to do more activities throughout the year at a reduced cost. Dues can be paid by check to “Pack 37” or online through our Square Store. Financial assistance is available for those that qualify. As a pack we can consider other circumstances just email us for more information.

What about the uniforming?

Uniforms can be purchased at Baden-Powell Council Scout Shop located at 2150 NYS Rte 12, Binghamton, NY 13901. Just south of Chenango Forks. The folks running the Scout Shop are an valuable resource finding what you need. Ebay can also be another good resource for uniform shirts/pants/etc, lightly used of course.

Do dens meet together?

The quick answer is no, we have different leaders for each den but our dens are encouraged to combine, if possible, for similar requirements. So if the Bears and the Webelos need first aid then it would be a good time to combine the dens into a large group to meet those requirements.

Well when Are Meetings?

Meetings are determined by our den leaders. We have scouts that will participate in soccer, baseball, basketball, karate, or any myriad of other activities, and to allow for greater participation we try to work out a meeting time and day that works for everyone. Dens meet a minimum of twice a month, have one pack event a month, and typically have an opportunity at least once a month to attend some other form of outing. Den calendars can be found on each den page or the combined pack calendar.

Are Parents Welcome?

Parents are welcome and some even offer to assist the den leaders. Lions (K) and Tigers (1st) parents/guardians are required to attend meetings with your child. From Wolves (2nd) through Arrow of Light (5th) a parent/guardian is not required.

How can I participate?

This entirely depends on what you would like to do, volunteer positions are always available if you would like to participate in the running of the pack or would like to be a den leader. If you would just like to assist your den with something then just ask your den leader what they need help with or offer up your services. Typically the dens have requirements for first aid, engineering, or governmental involvement and additional help is always appreciated.

How do I get my child signed up?

There are several ways, filling a paper application, or online at

What if I have additional questions?

If there is a question you have you may email us at and we will address any additional questions you have.