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Blue and Gold RSVP Due in 2 Weeks!!!

Good morning scouts and families! Blue and Gold is on it’s way, many of you have already gotten the invitations and mailed them back which is fantastic. If you haven’t done so already they are due in 2 weeks, April 24th, so please keep that in mind.

As a reminder adults are $10 and children $6, scouts are free. If paying by check you can make them payable to “Pack 37”, there is more news on the way so keep up to date with what’s happening on our website or our facebook page.

*****UPDATE***** Sorry about the miscommunication, it has been brought to my attention that all scouts are free of charge, I’ll be sure to note that for next year.

Invitations went out a week ago from Friday so you should have all gotten one by now. If you have not and would like to RSVP please email Ms. Karen. Thank you.

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