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Blue and Gold

Now that all the invites have gone out I can officially announce that this year we’ll be having our Blue and Gold Banquet at Hickories Park on June 2nd, 1:00pm. We are shooting to utilize the pavilion just across the bridge near the dog park.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks, and salads will be provided. We will also have some games to play for our scouters. We are aiming to have this be a low stress event for our families to all come together to honor our scouts accomplishments, we’re hopeful that weather will be great!

Cost will be $4.50 for kids <=12 and $6.50 for 13+. Please take the time to RSVP on our site. If you are able please also use the form to make payment as well, it will help us greatly.

Thank you all so much and we’re proud to see our scouts complete another wonderful year!


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