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Announcements for October 2018

We had our first scout complete registration online and it went surprisingly well. Most dues have been paid, which is fantastic. Our popcorn and meat stick fundraising has gone fantastically, it’s starting to look like the pack is doing well. All of our groups have had their first meeting now and the first pack event at Waterman had pretty good turnout.

I’m really impressed with the dedication our scouts and families show into making our pack, and community, better. Through our hard work we are able to transform the world.

I’ve been busy in the background making changes to the website, under “Den Information” link you’ll find a link to “Books and Trackers” which provides a digital copy of the scout books available for download, for free, along with activity trackers for your scout if you’d like to keep track yourself.

On Jan 1st, Scoutbook becomes free, we will be talking about this at Committee soon and if everything goes according to plan we will be starting to transition to using that instead of paper for keeping track of scout progress, the best part here is that as a parent you’ll be able to sign-off on requirements and progress.

There are still several open spots for popcorn show and sells, which you can sign-up on the website.

Our pack event this month will be going to Stoughton Farms and doing the corn maize on October 27th at 11:00a.

Next month, November, will be “Scouting For Food” pickups on November 10th at 11:00a, more details to follow as the time nears.

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